Industrial System Integrators

4Bytes Automation is a leading industrial automation systems integrator. Since our inception in 2008 we have become increasingly well-known and are greatly in demand within the food and beverage industry. Not only are we specialists in the food and beverage industry, we have a comprehensive range of expertise. We are able to supply our automation integration services to a variety of industries including the mining & steel industries as well as the packing & manufacturing industries. We are proud to now provide prestigious Alfa Laval products to our valued customers.

We are focused on providing a host of niche and highly specialised automation services, this includes all the building blocks that are necessary to automate a variety of manufacturing facilities. As a Siemens Approved Partner, a registered Wonderware System Integrator and a supplier of Alfa Laval systems, we guarantee the most effective services and the most professional solutions available. Our advanced solutions are also scalable and are easily accommodating to large or small enterprises and applications.

Automation Team

The 4Bytes Automation team has become well known in the food and beverage industry and our reputation is quickly growing throughout a variety of industries. We are proud to have developed a reputation for commitment, reliability and we are known for our professionalism in all of our endeavours. We will always provide a professional service and the highest quality of workmanship. Our combined years of experience has given us the knowledge base and advanced skill to provide a quality industrial automation system that is underlined by an unyielding passion for our business.


Our Specialised Services


We offer our clients a multitude of services that are all encompassing and are able to automate a variety of manufacturing facilities.

The services that we provide are highly specialised and can be divided into the following categories

• Electrical Solutions
• Instrumentation
• Control Systems
• Turnkey Solutions
• Skid Mounted Processing Plants
• Food and Drink Technology

Our Mission And Vision

4Bytes Automation will always give our customers a professional and highly streamlined service. Our priority is our clients’ and we have created and continue to create long lasting relationships with them. It is our skill, dedication and ever growing industry knowledge that has set us apart as leaders within the automation integration and food and drink technology industry. The 4Bytes team has a combined drive and together we propel the business forward and continue to grow the company’s name on a global scale.


Siemens Award – 2012 Best System Integrator , New Comer


Approved Siemens Partner
Registered Wonderware System Integrator


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Our Products

  • Electrical Solutions

  • Instrumentation

  • Control Systems

  • Turnkey Solutions

  • Skid Mounted
    Processing Plants